Gacha Life

Do you want to plunge into a bright virtual world full of entertainments? Then welcome o Gacha Life! Here you can have plenty of great time by exploring the vast opportunities of the game allowing you to come up with a whole series of self-made characters, stage scenes with them, play mini-games and meet other people!

Everything starts with a home screen. At the right, you will see standard heroes that you can play as. You can switch between them at any time, as well as select an additional character. Upon clicking on the hero whose appearance you would like to change, you will see a lot of buttons responsible for various elements of their looks. First of all, you need to decide whether your character will be male or female. Then comes the choice of skin color and, finally, posture. Your hero can take up various poses expressing their mood and traits.

Now it’s time to figure out how the hair of your hero will look. There are plenty of hair styles to choose from, as well hair colors, and you can configure them for different parts of the head. One of the advanced things about Gacha Life is the ability to set every facial feature separately, unlike many other games where you can just choose from several standard facial expressions. You can customize every little thing about your hero’s face, including eyes, brows, mouth, nose and so on. There is also an option to add makeup or tattoos.

The most responsible part is choosing the clothing. There are dozens of wardrobe items that can be combined freely creating an unlimited number of outfits. Each clothing is also available in several colors. Besides, you can select accessories for your character, including headwear, glasses, scarves, purses and backpacks, and even wings. Your hero can also hold something in their hands. The choice of these attributes (they are called props in the game) is rather wide – it can be an umbrella, a sword, a shield and many more objects.

Now your character is ready! All that’s left to do is to fill out their profile. Here you need to type in the name for your hero, and you can also write about their peculiarities, favorite items and other things. That’s it, time to go and conquer the vast virtual world! There are so many amazing things that each of us can find to do here for ourselves. So why don’t you start right now? Play Gacha Life online and enjoy the process!

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