Gacha Life 1.1.4

Anime games have long been popular in the web. But before Gacha Life, there wasn’t a single one of them that gave players so much freedom. It allows you to create your own anime heroes and interact with them in a great number of settings. Are you ready to with unusual experience that can soak you up for long hours? Then start exploring your possibilities this very second!

Gacha Life 1.1.4 contains a huge catalogue of characters where you can choose a ready hero or customize their appearance beyond recognition. The editor includes extensive settings allowing you to change almost every aspect of your hero’s look. You can change the shape of their face, the color of their hair and eyes, the color of skin, the manner of movement and even their facial expression that can tell a lot about what kind of person you see. Besides, there are immense options for selecting outfits, accessories and even weapons for your characters.

In most games of the sort, you can create only one hero. Gacha Life 1.1.4 goes beyond that. There are several character slots where all the heroes you made can be stored. You can freely switch between them at any moment, and the progress of each will be saved until the next time you decide to take them out for a little walk around this bright virtual world.

Once you create at least one character, you can start to interact with other heroes of the game, make friends and come up with your own stories. Plus there are several mini-games available where you can while away some time as well as earn gems that serve as local currency allowing you to buy various stuff and quickly refill your energy level. Finally, there is also some sort of a photo studio where you can create various scenes with your heroes, adding backgrounds and dialogues. Enjoy total freedom and a great choice of opportunities playing the latest version of Gacha Life online!

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