Gacha Life 2

Welcome to Gacha Life 2! Are you ready for a new virtual adventure with plenty of unexpected and delightful moments waiting for you? Then let’s go! In this game, you’ll never get bored because there is always something new for you to do here. It’s very creative allowing you to come up with your own unique styles and dressing your characters up in the most fashionable outfits. Besides, you can invent your own stories that will be happening to them!

There are hundreds of dresses, shirts, costumes and hairstyles to choose from. You can even complete the image of your heroes with something as exotic as a sword or a pair of wings. There is an ability to mix a great number of clothing items, hats and shoes to come up with a truly unique appearance. Now there are up to 20 character slots, so you won’t be short of ideas! Gacha Life 2 also contains new postures and items that you’ve never seen before.

When you’re finished with creating your heroes, you can go to the studio and start making up scenes with them. It’s so much one! You just have to choose a background that will serve as a location where the action will be taking place and put the characters you chose for this particular story in the needed places and postures. There is also an opportunity to add dialogues that will be popping up in bubbles like in comics books. A few scenes can be combined into a story in City Maker.

Taking about the city, it’s worth exploring! You never know what you are going to find there. You can visit different locations such as city center and school, meet various NPC and talk to them. Maybe you’ll even be able to make friends with some of them! If they really like you, they can even prepare a surprise for you. What is it going to be? Wondering only makes it more delightful! In the long run, you can gather a whole collection of such gifts!

Finally, Gacha Life 2 includes a great number of mini-games that you can play just for fun or for earning gems. Gems serve as in-game currency and allow you to buy various items for your characters and scenes. Most of the mini-games are simple and won’t take you long to get used to them and figure out what to do. They are good for shaking off stress and improving your reflexes, visual memory and logic. As you can see, Gacha Life 2 is quite versatile and it has become even more content-rich. Discover what else is new and enjoy the gameplay!

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