Gacha Club Hairstyles Girl

All girls love dressing up and picking hairdos. And you can enjoy it to the full in Gacha Club! Here you have a unique chance to create your own heroine and decide how she is going to look from head to toe. After that, you will be able to set out on exploring the huge virtual world where you can enjoy various games and shoot your own short videos with the participation of your characters!

In Gacha Club, every aspect of your heroine’s look is customizable. You can make the girl look truly memorable and vibrant by picking a dozen of different clothes, accessories and of course hairstyles. You can also dye her hair the way you like using any shades from the vast palette. You don’t necessarily have to stick with just one appearance all the time. It can be changed at any moment in the special menu.

But hair isn’t the only thing you can alter. There are also extensive options for setting the skin tone, eye shape and color, the expression of the face. Besides, there is an immense choice of backgrounds for each character. You will definitely enjoying not only playing Gacha Club, but also picking your heroine’s wardrobe and customizing every detail of her look!

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