Gacha Club 2

It is done! Full detailed customization of anime characters has become available to fans of the genre, thanks to the new game Gacha Club 2. Here you can set every smallest detail of the image for your hero and even animation of their mouth moving during a conversation. You can set the color and shape of the eyes, think over the hairstyle and figure out the appearance down to the smallest detail. Finally, you can pick up trendy clothes and stylish accessories to complete your unique gacha hero!

At the beginning only a small part of the characters is available, there are about a hundred of them in total – all amenable to alteration and upgrading. What are all these heroes for? You can just admire them, dress up, change hairstyles and practice makeup. But that’s not all. In addition to the personality of your character, you can create the scene on which the action takes place. Have you read comics? Then you will probably quickly figure out the simple rules.  Choose the background and objects that will surround the hero.

Studio mode will allow you to add cute pets to the screen, create dialogues between characters, and come up with a plot. Players will earn Bytes and Gems as they play Story Mode, Tower Defense, and Mini Challenges to unlock even more diverse menu content. Now is the time to go on exploits, choosing an interesting test from the proposed mini-games. Various types of competitions will allow you to change locations and battle conditions. Yes, there are battles here! After all, anime is all about fighting. It is divided into sub-modes: tower defense, training, and others. The principle is the same everywhere: your character, armed as for a real war, should rush at opponents and smash them.

Each of the heroes you can play as will have their own specific parameters and skills that can be improved as you gain experience. Besides, you can enhance them with pets that possess certain powers too. And when you accumulate enough force, you can launch a spectacular combo attack! Enemies will attack in waves, and if you don’t fend them off, then the character will be defeated, which means that he will be left without rewards. Battles take place at different levels, and the higher the level, the more difficult it is to defeat the ubiquitous enemies. Level up and upgrade the skills of the created warriors to unlock the rarest anime characters!


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