Gacha Life Game Play Online Free

Gacha Life is a whole anime universe where you can come up with your own characters and write their stories! There are plenty of interesting things you can do here, and you will never be short of action. While this game gives you a lot of freedom in terms of creativity and exploration, it also includes mini-games and quests to earn gems and train your reaction, attentiveness and logic. Finally, you can make friends with other characters and then you won’t feel so lonely!


Create a character from scratch!

Starting to play Gacha Life is really easy. You will find yourself in a character editor allowing you to choose one of the many heroes already available. You don’t have to change their appearance if you don’t want to, but most players enjoy customizing it to make their heroes unique and memorable. There are a great number of opportunities for that. You can select the gender of your hero or heroine, their skin color, shape of nose, eyes and mouth. The menu includes hundreds of hairstyles, and you can even come up with your own one configuring your hero’s hair by fragments.

When you’re done with the basic look, it’s time to decide on the outfit. In the wardrobe, you will find an immense quantity of dresses, shirts, jeans and costumes that you can try on and combine at will. There are also various amazing accessories allowing you to make your character look even more outstanding. You can also put some kind of props in their hands like an umbrella or a sword. And it doesn’t end with just one hero, you can create several of them! Going to the home page, you will be able to choose between them and decide who you want to play as today.

Explore, make friends, shoot cutscenes!

Now that your character is ready, it’s time to go and see what you can do in Gacha Life! The game consists of several locations like school, park, forest, desert and so on. At each of them, you can meet NPC that you can talk to and make friends with. The more you talk to them, the higher your friendship level. Asking questions will give you valuable information about this particular person.

However, the most amazing thing about Gacha Life is the ability to make your own short scenes aka comics stripes! You just have to select a background, put your characters here and there and choose what they are about to do and say. Then you can watch your mini movie and enjoy the result of your work! Discover more about this marvelous game and enjoy every minute of it online!

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