Gacha Life Girls

The dream of every girl is an endless wardrobe from where you can choose any type and amount of clothes you need. And it’s possible in Gacha Life! Character customization is a huge part of the gameplay and you can indulge in this process for hours. What a great way to spend your free time! So, shall we get started?

Once you launch the game, you will get into the character editor where you can create any number of heroes and heroines. They will all look similar, with cartoonish bodies and big heads. But you can make them unique in many aspects, starting with their facial traits and ending with their outfits. The editor is very detailed, every part of the body has multiple divisions that you can customize separately.

After you’re done with the basic features of appearance, you can proceed to selecting the outfit. The menu includes plenty of options and you can also use various accessories that include some of pretty unusual ones. More of them can be bought for coins that are earned while playing mini-games. They are pretty fun on their own and can be used as some sort of a time-killer when you want to relax and stock up on positive emotions. Gacha Life is waiting for you!

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