Gacha Club

Many people have already heard about Gacha Life. But what about Gacha Club? How are they different and what can you expect from this game? Basically, it’s a continuation of Gacha Life, but with a slew of new content and features that you can use to make your virtual life even more exciting and versatile. Let’s see what new stuff awaits you here.

First of all, there are new backgrounds for creating your videos along with some great effects. That will allow you to make them much more dramatic and fascinating. You can also get new pets and unlock secret characters playing mini-games. Talk about additional motivation to spend more time in them! There are four mini-games as of now, and you can play them to earn gems. Here you can also earn special coins that can be spent on buying rare battle units.

Some NPC will also change, so you will make some new acquaintances in the process. As to character customization, there are also several previously unavailable features that will surely delight those who enjoy spending hours creating a perfect hero. For instance, you will be able to change the color of the mouth and remove some body parts. There is some new clothes to choose from, as well specialized accessories like mermaid tails. In the game, there are also clubs that you can enter. There is over a dozen of them, so you’ll have a lot to choose from.

But the greatest thing about Gacha Club is the battle mode! That’s right, now you can also fight in this game. In this mode you will be battling various enemies, as well as powerful bosses. The combats run in teams, and the team members attack in turns, accumulating force for a special move. They all have different special attacks and passive skills. As you fight, you will gain experience that will increase your level. Your skills can also be improved with certain items.

In the process, you will be helped by your pets that all come with different powers that will prove useful on the battlefield. To be more precise, each pet has a certain element that increases damage against one elements and is more vulnerable to the others. For instance, Water inflicts extra damage on Fire, but receives extra damage from Wind. So, are you ready to check out these new amazing features? Then start playing Gacha Club right now! Create your characters, shoot scenes, play mini-games, participate in battles and have fun!

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