Gacha Club 2021

We’ve seen many games where you can create your own characters. But Gacha Club 2021 takes it one step further – now you can also come up with mini scenes with them coming up with your own story! And for that purpose, you can not just customize the look of your heroes defining every detail of their appearance, but also add postures and emotions that can make them look different depending on the situation. If you want to find out more, start playing Gacha Club 2021 right now!

Here there are several locations that you can explore. The whole action unfolds in the City. From here, you can travel to the Beach, Park or School. On each of these locations, you will meet several NPC that can become your friends. For that, you just need to communicate with them as much as possible. The longer you do that, the higher your friendships level grows. Starting with level 4, you can ask questions. This way, you can learn more about this particular character. And if you put all of your conversations together, you will be able to compile an entire story.

Note that these dialogues will diminish your stamina, and for restoring it you need to either wait or spend some gems. Gems can be earned playing various mini games available in Gacha Club. These games are arcades that won’t burden you with complex rules and controls. You just need good reaction and some spare time to increase your gem count. Then you can spend them on your own needs, including buying different accessories, pets and other items.

Some characters are secret and can be found in quite unexpected locations. For instance, Spooky. This is basically a cemetery, but don’t be afraid, there are no creepy zombies and ghosts here! Some other locations are outside the City. They include Bamboo, Snow and Desert. Here you will also meet NPC that are different for every area.

Overall, you can be in control of 20 characters. Of course, you won’t be able to play as them all at once, but you can switch between them at any time. And you can choose who will be starred in your next mini scene! Find out what else is waiting for you in Gacha Club 2021 and have a great time playing this marvelous game!

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