Gacha Club Hair Ideas

What is your favorite hairstyle? Do you like your hair short or long? Have you ever thought of dying it? What color would you prefer? In Gacha Club, you are free to experiment, because there are plenty of hairdos available in the character editor for you to choose from! You can fully customize the appearance of your heroes and make them look just stunning by making them look different from what you can see around you in the game!

Moreover, you can build up your own hairstyle by configuring different parts of it. The editor is divided into several fragments allowing you to customize rare, back, front hair and fringe separately. That means you don’t have to do with just a standard selection of options, but you can actually make your own hair design. You can also dye all the parts separately to come up with an even more unique look.

And if you don’t like the result of your efforts, you can start from the beginning at any moment. You can also change your characters as you play and try all kinds of appearances for them, not just hair, but also every other element of their image. Enjoy the variety of options and ideas of character customization in Gacha Club!

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